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My Tiny Tim

Ok. So, I have a pet mouse named Tim. She (yes, she) convinces me more and more each day that she is a magical mouse. About a week after I got her, I heard a loud POP at 3am. When I got up for work three hours later, she was out of the cage and ran away before I could get to her. There were no holes chewed in her cage, all the doors were closed and, to this day, I have no idea how she did it.

There are a ton of cats in my neighborhood, so I gave her up for dead.

Two weeks later, I hear this scurrying scratching sound right next to my ear. At 3am. In. my. bed. O.o

Yep, it was Tim. She got away before I could catch her, again. It’s pretty much a miracle that she’s still alive.

I’ve been setting up traps every night that would catch her safely- if they worked. But when you live with Houdini, there is no telling what will happen next.


Oh the things…

I say to the television:

“Never hand children magic! The trouble always starts as soon as you hand the children magic.”

[I was watching The Scorpion King while cooking dinner. I’d never seen it before and the little boy got a hold of the magic arm bracelet of DOOM.]

Just thought I’d share.

Ok. Bye.

Red Balloons

I was driving home from yoga yesterday and passed by a florist. In the trees behind the shop there was a big batch of red and pink balloons. It looked like the trees ate it, just like that tree that always ate Charlie Brown’s kite.

About a block over, I passed by a house just as another, identical bunch of balloons was floating up into the air. I have no idea what they were attached to or what set them loose. All I know is that it must be a sign.

Valentine’s Day is over.

Time to celebrate:


Wow! That was really weird. I should have known better than to begin this post after eating a sugary donut (Or is it doughnut? D’OH!) No, I wasn’t talking to Homer Simpson, but I am a sucker for for Dunkin’ Donuts. Speaking of which, I once saw this hilarious skit by comedian Brian Regan called “Donut Lady.” If you like it, comment. If you don’t, I don’t care. And it you think I’m 100% cukooo… well, then I still don’t care.

Oh, by the way, where are my manners? (Seriously, I can’t find ’em anywhere!) My name’s A. Yep, just A. Not B, not C, not D. Not ‘all of the above’, either. If you prefer, you can call me Mr. A. Oh, and I am not in any way, shape or form affiliated with the A Team (which I think was a total bomb).

I like video games. No, not the new kind where you shoot the crap outta each other. The old kinds back from the stone age of the gaming era, called the 1980s. I especially like older games that people have forgotten. Anybody remember Earthworm Jim? I do. Yeah, I know the levels here make no sense at all, or at least they appear not to make any sense. But this was so funny. I wish he would come back. :*(