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Now Entering the Seventh Dimension

I’ve stumbled upon some amazing sketch books and design sites online which have inspired me to practice developing different concepts such as dimension, perspective, line, and shade. This sketch is really a study in dimension more than anything else. I still need lots of work to pull all the areas together, but it’s a step in the right direction. The perspective still needs a LOT of refining; this one switches angles all over the place.


This is Your Captain Speaking

Logo autobus

Attention All Passengers!

There are currently five passengers on the Quirk Bus. Nobody knows where we’re headed, but at least the fare is free. I spilled coffee on the route map, so our blogage schedule will be sporadic to say the least.

Some would argue that sporadic art is the best kind. I won’t argue with that.

So far we’ve collected gamers, musicians, poets, authors and people with entirely too much time on their hands. I would like to remind all passengers to please keep all heads, legs and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Please no smoking or mooning while on board. Our concession stand will be open until midnight.

Yes, I packed a concession stand onto the bus. Hey, I’ve gotta pay for the fuel somehow.