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an emperor by luck

an emperor by luck, theft or trick
having reached the top real quick
without much toil or sweat
treats weak as pure dirt
superiors as Gods from heaven
equals as inferiors.

Is their behaviour a mask?
used to hide their fears.
or is it their way to hide
their unworthiness of the crown,
which has just dropped on head.

Sharmishtha basu


season of grief

sharmishtha basu

flag of peace

it’s a truth which I don’t even try to deny,
whenever I see torture on week
my blood starts to boil,
that’s why I never dream to be an angel.

On one hand my blood boils
thinking about the viciousness of tormentors,
on the other hand the heart cries
thinking about the fragility of the tormented.

in this world thronged with wolves
angelic nature is a too heavy price
they are like fawns roaming
in a world overpopulated with wolves.

Always preferred self preservation,
first being strong enough to hold it,
then embracing the sweet peace,
so that I can always keep it.

Sharmishtha basu

There are few eras of human civilization that truly boils my blood, earlier there were two yesterday one more added.

Slavery and holocaust- even the thought of these two eras make me furious beyond words. How wolves slaughtered and plundered and human beings watched with their hands folded.

Next one added is Tibet, I was aware (very little) about the horrible history of this beautiful, peace-loving country. Yesterday I watched “seven years in Tibet” and a veil was removed. How a beautiful country and its culture was destroyed by disgusting tyrants.

So many cultures have been ruined by human beings, the Red Indian, Greek, Roman, now another name added.

,I have always admired Buddhism and after watching this movie I truly fell in love with the beautiful people of this country.

It’s a sheer disgust for human race that such countries have to suffer. A repulsive shame for all of us!

Hope these things stop happening immediately.

the gypsy in me

there is a gypsy inside me
she sighs when she sees
pieces of this planet
spilling with beauty
captured in Polaroid and films
it aches to pack its bags
and go out on a trip
scale every possible mountain
touch every ocean in reach
before lying down to sleep.

there is a wise woman inside me
one that chastises that wild
reminds her again and again
you can save yourself
from cold, heat, rain and snow
stalking tiger, snakes, wolves
for they strike for fear or hunger
what will you do with men?
they will be waiting everywhere
you can save yourself or fail!

Sharmishtha basu