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Hey there, my dear bloggers. It’s Mr. A.

In addition to my semi-kooky nature, I like music. I’m talkin’ all kinds: Classical, Pop, Rock (but not Pop Rocks), Country, Rap– ANYTHING. Lately, I’ve been writing my own music, which makes me happy. 🙂 While most of my work is in the Classical area, I’ve been trying to open my mind and stretch to other musical possibilities. I know this must sound painful, and it is. But it’s totally worth everything.

I use a computer to write music. (No, that’s not cheating. It’s just as hard to write music on that as it is on paper.) There’s a bunch of software out there like Finale. This program is cool because I can hear different instruments from just about every part of the orchestra. I just wish some instruments didn’t sound so weird. Playing back violins is like somebody scratched a cat. (Meow?) Voices here are strange, too ‘cuz they use a “Wah” sound. I could write lyrics ’til I’m blue in the face (Daba di daba dye…) and it still wouldn’t matter.


Seeds To Swallow

South Central Farm in the city of Los Angeles ...

Seeds of Life

there is something more to laffy taffy

than the jaw that beat the strings

hunger aches a pill to swallow

if  breadcrumbs dry and near

but oh, if twenty seeds-

on the ground doth fall

we’ll be stuck remembering

the days of summer sun and spitting seeds

all the rest of that good year

all the rest of that good year