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Never See Things As They Are

Here is another doodle for you guys. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. I just needed to squeeze some practice in before our next Sketch Crawl. It’s really a practice in perspective alteration* and a study in motion.

*No butterflies were harmed in the making of this piece.


Thinking About the Dogel

O.k. So, last night I saw this amazing animated short called “Pigeon: Impossible” A CIA operative from Washington, D.C. meets this very hungry pigeon. As you’ll see in the video, all heck breaks loose. All the bird wants is a snack, but it ends up causing loads of trouble!!!

I like this video because it is truly hilarious. I also went to D.C. last summer to see the Smithsonian museum and monuments, so that’s another plus As for what the bird wanted to eat, I thought he was gonna’ eat a doughnut. Some, on the other hand may think it’s a bagel. That got me thinking; what if a doughnut and a bagel were combined to make… a dogel??? It would probably taste really weird. But Then again, who knows?