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I dream of impossible things and then make them happen.

My Tiny Tim

Ok. So, I have a pet mouse named Tim. She (yes, she) convinces me more and more each day that she is a magical mouse. About a week after I got her, I heard a loud POP at 3am. When I got up for work three hours later, she was out of the cage and ran away before I could get to her. There were no holes chewed in her cage, all the doors were closed and, to this day, I have no idea how she did it.

There are a ton of cats in my neighborhood, so I gave her up for dead.

Two weeks later, I hear this scurrying scratching sound right next to my ear. At 3am. In. my. bed. O.o

Yep, it was Tim. She got away before I could catch her, again. It’s pretty much a miracle that she’s still alive.

I’ve been setting up traps every night that would catch her safely- if they worked. But when you live with Houdini, there is no telling what will happen next.


The Jar of Wishes

My friend and I have a cute little mason jar in our apartment, and last night I decided we should fill it with wishes.

It’s a totally silly project, but here are the wishes that I’ve put in so far:

-I wish the Easter bunny had wings
-I wish people would put a little love in their hearts
-I wish Dane Cook was my BFF
-I wish everyone would just hug and get along
-I wish the fairies of smell-goodness were real so I could tickle them
-I wish pickles came on pizza

If you’re wondering what my friend wished for… you’ll have to ask her, yourself. 😛


Today someone on board the bus hit a huge milestone. Compositionalendeavor [or Mr. A] earned a college diploma! Congratulations on your hard work, dedication to the arts and best of luck in the future.

Tell me how you really feel…

Lately, a lot of events have been unfolding around me that have been majorly stirring my deepest emotions. I mean deep-seated, long pent-up, aggravated emotions. Frustration with broken systems and social injustices.

I work for a tyrant-like organization that is playing a cat-and-mouse game with our jobs while scapegoating us for their blatant racism.

I also live in a state where police can pull anyone over who looks “Mexican” [by which they mean indigenous-appearing, dark-skinned hispanic] and ask to check their paperwork.

I live in a city where a good friend was beaten into submission and sent to the hospital because he’s gay.

And NOW, one of the biggest anti-semite/anti-feminist/anti-gay/anti-black/anti-military churches in the entire country is going to set up shop LESS THAN TWO MINUTES FROM MY HOME to proclaim their hatred for 99.99% of my community.

It all makes me want to go punch a bunny.

Well, you see

when you work in a giant game
of russian roulette
you lose every time.

Oh the things…

I say to the television:

“Never hand children magic! The trouble always starts as soon as you hand the children magic.”

[I was watching The Scorpion King while cooking dinner. I’d never seen it before and the little boy got a hold of the magic arm bracelet of DOOM.]

Just thought I’d share.

Ok. Bye.


there is nothing more filling
more spellbinding than sunlight
in a sanctuary, sacred
like the softness of the womb