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Karma saves the Day

Today, like everyday, I spent manipulating the minds of my friends, but today I convinced them that pigs eat children. Our lunch table grew frantic over this, but I sat and watched them all go crazy. Yeah, they bought it :3 but karma wasn’t too friendly… It tried to kill me in my weight training class. The class was maxing out and I was about to do squats with the bar. My partner and I put thirty pounds on each end of the bar to add up to 105 pounds from my last max out result. I positioned myself under the bar and lifted it off the rack with my shoulders and proceeded to do one squat. On my way back up to the standing position, I was slightly off balance as usual and the weights on the right side of the bar slid completely off, throwing me to the left so fast I was on the ground in a split second. My partner was on the ground as well after catching the weights that fell off before they hit the ground. We both just had an intense adrenaline rush and started busting out laughing. We totally forgot to secure the weight on the right side. It’s all good though cause our coach didn’t see it happen… Or hear it 😛 after that the only thing I could think about was how much I really wanted a meatball sub ^ ^ 

No, I don’t have a spiffy image or video for this post… I’m on an iPod too, but that’s beside the point.