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there I was
tightly cuddled
with my dozens siblings
in that warm womb.
Seeing sun shine through
hearing pitter patter of rain
swaying in breeze.

then it exploded
I was flying
gliding in the wind
it softly placed me on earth
cold, damp and soft
another gust covered me up
I felt I was choking
it was so dark.

then I felt something stirring
something was coming out
from my deepest being
soon I was above the ground
reaching for the sun
my soft leaves were glowing
my tender branches swaying
wind kissed me again and again
sun greeted me with a wide grin.

I was reborn!

Sharmishtha basu


Seeds To Swallow

South Central Farm in the city of Los Angeles ...

Seeds of Life

there is something more to laffy taffy

than the jaw that beat the strings

hunger aches a pill to swallow

if  breadcrumbs dry and near

but oh, if twenty seeds-

on the ground doth fall

we’ll be stuck remembering

the days of summer sun and spitting seeds

all the rest of that good year

all the rest of that good year