date drug

This time just simple words, no poems; I was aware of existence of a drug which erases the memories of every thing that happened with you during the time it was in your body, or most of the time it was.

Yesterday I watched a movie, comedy, nothing to write home about so let me skip the name. In it a silly guy slips date drug in the drink of his friends thinking it was ecstasy. Those guys did all sort of weirdest things, breaking teeth, getting married, stealing a royal Bengal tiger, gambling and when they woke up they did not had any memory. The movie is their journey backwards through the night, their searching what they had done the previous night.

The movie really scared me, so I searched the drug and the things I read scared me even more.

We all live a normal life where we have to interact with others, accept drinks, atleast a glass of water. So when we are fully aware that we are living in a world full of predators we should better not act like sitting ducks.

So I will implore you all to read the below URL and warn yourself and your children and if possible buy a carton of that strip mentioned in it.

believe me its worth it!

Sharmishtha basu


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2 responses to “date drug

  • sparrowsong

    I’m glad you’re spreading awareness about this; people really need to be careful nowadays!

  • trisha

    you know majority of indian women shout at the top of their lungs “if you are virtuous no one can makd you do any thing immoral?” whenever i hear it i really, really feel like giving them a good rap on their head and ask them to wake up.

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