spring in my step
i am a turkey
waiting to swing
turn the oven
i’m done
sprig on my back
knife in my mind
i’m working it out
just a little at a time.


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4 responses to “Rumble

  • somethingnewplease

    I’m glad it went the way it did. When I saw, “I am a turkey/loaded”, I had a flash back to a turkey having a cornish hen placed inside it so that people cried about the dead, pregnant turkey we were having for thanksgiving during carving time. Terrible joke… ruins the reputation of turkeys everywhere.

  • trisha

    enjoyed reading it but i have a doubt that i missed the intellectual side of it.

  • sparrowsong

    Don’t worry Trisha, you didn’t miss anything. The meanings of my poems are entirely up to whoever is reading them at the time. You are in complete control over what the poem means and what it doesn’t mean. 🙂

  • michael

    I love your use of line breaks as a form of punctuation, as a pause, and the simplicity and brevity of your poem(s). I don’t know if I’m missing any intentional symbolism, but what I am taking from the work is the message life is a compilation of moods, of emotion and thought amidst happenings, and it’s up to an individual to make his/her own sense of it. And from that framework, live it.

    Good poem. 🙂

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