Welcome to My Insecurity

My writing’s been pretty stunted for a while,
and it’s a difficult thing to work through.
It’s difficult to find the words
to define the disorder
so I can walk towards the cure.
But I found the answer,
like I always do-
in song.


About sparrowsong

I dream of impossible things and then make them happen. View all posts by sparrowsong

2 responses to “Welcome to My Insecurity

  • sharmishtha

    lovely poem. so your muse was asleep- i thought that you are busy in valentine’s day preparation 🙂

    wish you a beautiful, happy valentine day!

  • somethingnewplease

    I have the same problems some day, ever since committing way back in 1/1/2011 to posting a story a day. Sometimes the product is just really lacking in what I would like to see. I guess that’s how all writing goes, or should I say how all writing terrorizes it’s author.

    Shame, shame. But good song, and good luck finding some inspiration. I hear if you catch a garden gnome, you can shake some out of them.

    Careful, they bite ankles.

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