Going Back in Time

I’m a big fan of history– whether it’s national, international or local. I particularly enjoyed my visit to Historic Wormsloe in Savannah, Georgia this past Saturday. Georgia was one of the original thirteen colonies, and this month marks its founding. Despite the fact that it rained I thought the conditions were perfect because it made the scenery more believable. Just think: a world without electronic devices and phones! For those all-too-brief two hours, I felt very comfortable exploring the national park.

During my time, I had the opportunity of meeting General James Edward Ogelthorpe (O.k., o.k.! A very incredible simulation). There was a parade with colonial fife and drum, cannon fire demonstrations– I had to cover my ears several times–and a variety of kiosks. While I was wandering around, I stopped by this little store that sold some unique parlor games. Some feature the usual die and checker pieces. But there was one board game that had a spiraled pathway with numbered spaces (1 to 64, I think) and four pawn pieces. I could kick myself for not asking the vendor the name of this game; I will say, though that it resembled a cross between SORRY and Chutes and Ladders. At least people weren’t too bored in their (very little) spare time.


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